Saturday, July 29, 2017

Just a very quick and short note

to thank you all for your concern for me. I am fine, and I hope you out there are too xx.

I did not mean to be away quite this long and I am not sure how this time has got away from me. The hand healing took longer than I expected, there was some nerve damage that took a long time to heal but all is well now.

When summer finally arrived here at the Arctic, we had some new snow in the beginning of June even, I have been very busy out in the yard. I have done some big scale work in the little forest areas and along the water line plus for some strange reason, I got inspired to do some cleaning inside the house, kind of cleaning where you take the time to tackle those neglected corners --- there is so little to write about those chores and I have been thinking that once I get some handwork done, I will then write a post...

I have quilted a little bit, and there has been some crochet, and maybe even a pair of socks, but that is all...

Once the north winds get speed and strength, and the night frost spreads on the lawns and the nights get dark and the warm light inside the house gathers everyone inside around it, then there will be more time to listen to thoughts and find time to write more.

All is well and I will be back,

Lots of love and wool, as always,

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Love wool - respect the sheep

This morning when I gazed quickly at the outside thermometer, that is my custom when I let the dogs out and in, I could not believe the numbers: - 22 ÂșC!! Ok, so there is spring for me. Snow and ice as far as the eye takes you. But, I calm myself saying that these are the very last bits of winter, April is just about to begin, this cannot go on for long. Then again, I live in the Arctic where tobogganing is almost always good, so this temperature did not come as a total surprise. The weather forecast predicts that this night will be as cold as the previous. When the sun is out, the world is sparkling white here in the country side; the snow is hard in the mornings, so hard that you can walk on it. All through the winter you are hindered by the snow and suddenly, the world is there to walk where ever you please again. The dogs love this freedom, especially Ruusu. She has short legs and all through winter, she is like a train when she pushes with determination through snow and now she looks so happy when she can prance around.

I have not done much knitting or crocheting lately. I attended national quilting happening few weeks ago, and it was inspiring as always. Then got flu, battled through it with fluids and bed rest only to trip over on Monday on my daily, icy walk. No bones were broken but tissue damage on both of my hands, left hand got the biggest hit. I did feel old while I was waiting in the emergency room with blueish, battered hands. Seems like lots of complaining now, but this is what has happened…But on the bright side, all is well after all.
Since I have made this one little creature. He has a mission statement. It reads:

L O V E   W O O L ---  R E S P E C T   T H E  S H E E P 

This sentence has echoed in my head while I have been thinking of him and making him. He does not have companions yet, but he will have a herd. I will tweak the pattern too, I am not quite happy with the horns yet, so I will need to move them a bit at least and I am not sure if I will work on his face little more too. I am happy of the shape of the horns and little thrilled that I could turn them after sewing without breaking the seams, but the placement is not quite right yet.
I need to picture peaceful green meadows with flowers to get into the right mood to make more sheep, but all this snow is slowing me down. I wonder if I will just need to wait for a bit…
I did not intend to stay quite this long away from the blog. Thank you once again for coming back to see a glimpse of my world. These little flowers are reaching for the sun, and I feel exactly the same, my nose is pointing to the same direction.
Wool with you,